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My first Xmas gift

The tender loving care arrived ❣️❣️

A lot of olive oil …

Racing against time the shot before the oil lost the shine against the coldness.

Breakfast starts with toast

Double flash bouncing no shadow. Guess all good food photos start with good food.


My agency doesn’t like my polyester backdrop having too much wrinkle, which I thought background replacement is a button away hence didn’t care my bad. I was wrong….

Love the paper please

Look at it how careless packaging can damage these fine art 300+ GSM cotton paper. It’s quite environmentally costly to produce them for us to preserve and present…

Many prints for one

Giclee print is an art. It takes many different creations to get to a satisfactory print. And thereafter another tweak with different creative tuning can be another yet…

What is a good food photo?

My answer is simply that should make you feel like to eat it😋

The landscape moment

This shot was God given. I was on my way to the hill for a sunset shot but the weather turned foggy in just 10 minutes, hence cloud…

How sharp is the muffin?

Sharing the bread texture by taking my 27 inch screen showing the muffin magnified 🤣 Client said it’s not sharp.

Cutting the paper

Took 3 hours to cut 6 a2 sheets with careful measurements and care. Got an intimate touch with the paper indeed. Now need to press it softly for…