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#9846c new year gift

A gift for friends. A memory perhaps.

#0088v1v1 print

Meant to be a new year gift


Testing a portable flash soft box at the top plus a optically sync speedlight at the left.

Best Christmas Shot

Here’s when I enjoy most shooting Christmas gift at home with shower curtain 🤣🤣


A4 cotton paper Price £50 free shipping in UK Tried a smaller black and white edition of this piece on a white cotton. Despite of the village tone,…


A2 Innova 11 paper Price £150 free UK postage A pastoral late afternoon passing by a village in south west England. I was thinking where this man is…

Archiving memories

My friend moved. I am to gift this to him as a giclee print of good old times in his previous home.

Born of #21-1

A1 framing my A2 print on Innova fine art paper. Loving it

Struggling with the photons

When it comes to reflection, not sure yet what’s the optimal way to control the wide angle reflection on the wine bottle. I can get rid of the…

20mm distortion

Tried hard to rectify the slight warping of the glass, and the donut being shown larger. Using a 35mm might have been better. Forgot to clean the backdrop…