Wine shooting

I was thinking of fresh produce ending up they want wine shooting…. Exotic wine indeed in Abingdon

The Flower Shop

Did a photoshoot for this lovely flower shop just now. Happy day in Witney

Kataifi at MeatTheGreaks Cheltenham

Thank you Amber for your treat. I have been longing for this desert for a long time. A super photoshooting experience with your restaurant indeed today 😁 Hope…

Cheltenham shooting

Setting up my one light for this client. Expecting some delicious pizzas 🤤🤤

Thai Dishes Shooting

Another lucky day met with super nice client ultra well prepared and cooperative. I picked the laminated table as background rather than the white table cloth to match…

Great Client

Today did a shooting for a new restaurant with own brewery. Once in a while got lucky to meet this kind of client who cooperates with photographer at…

Hackpen Hill Sunset

I actually took tons of shots then picked this one to have the sun about to go but not yet. Life to me is always like that, that…

Ideal chorizo

Meet this donut shape chorizo created under Blender 3.0 stable (learning). Two lights. Wonder if future product photography can be virtual.

Broad Town White Horse

How come these things last hundreds of years? Magic. Suddenly feel my time is tiny compared with theirs.

Hackpen Hill Two Hours

Stayed there for less than two hours and you know what, the colours at the same spot are quite a change. Mother nature isn’t it? I think I…